Guy Lloyd brought Sock and Gramski to take over Latest in April!

Supporting the main act was Gramski, a very talented quick witted freestyle rapper who includes the audience in his creation of an impromptu poem/rap. Asking for, among other things, a woman’s name, I instantly shouted out Cleopatra. Gramski buzzes off the audience input and freestyles a fabulous and funny love story…cleverly rhyming, sequencing and timing… whilst referencing Egypt pyramids and Queens! So good was Gramski, you were left wondering how the main attraction Sock would be able to match him.


Then Sock explode onto the stage. The band are visually eclectic, with spangly shirts to t-shirts and frontman Vince Venus in a golden lurex full body stocking and white faux fur coat and full face make up a la “KISS”. The audience are totally up for it –  full on moshing from the first lashings of drums and thrashings of guitars. Underwear, definitely NOT socks, being thrown at Vince by his admiring Sockett following. This band  is glam rock meets punk rock plus a bouncy upbeat making it impossible not to move your feet. Sock bring the 70s/80s into 2023,  which, in theory, shouldn’t work, but actually is mastered perfectly.


Added to this are witty lyrics and a wicked sense of humour which manages to be both vain and self deprecating at the same time! Mixing comedy with music has never much appealed to me other than the rare occasion when someone gets it right. Sock defo get it right! These guys can play, write and perform. Most importantly, they entertain – in a way Robbie Williams can only sing about. I just went along to review the gig and ended up dancing/moshing, laughing, buzzing and bantering with Vince…who graced me with a bday call out. Sock funnier than Spinal Tap, more Lycra than Kiss, more wahoo than Blur. Sock live literally blow your socks off…at least one of them.

Get down people and check these dudes out.

Words by Libby Barnes

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