Global fans for local artist Eminemmylou


Eminemmylou’s new 2024 album, Ungullible has already reached over 150 countries via over 300 e-music sites and her new self-penned tracks, Gullible Fools (about Tinder Swindlers) and Love Your Amazing Life (based on the words of broadcaster, Debra James), alongside Ukrainian traditional song, Chervona Ruta, and tracks which Eminemmylou coins as Ipswich-Italiano – a new genre mixing Italian songs and songs about Ipswich Town.

Eminemmylou, the country-rap pioneer invented country-rap in the UK in 2003, and was soon invited by fellow country-rap pioneers to attend the International Country Hip Hop Festival in New York in 2006, and this launched her first album, Muthabanjo a combination of country ballads and rap tracks, with hip hop beats. Over the years, Eminemmylou has gleaned thousands of committed fans from over 100 countries, who enjoy the unique sounds and humour of tracks such as LIMP (taking the rise out of 50 Cent’s PIMP), or a country rap version of The Way I Am by Eminem.

The music is produced by Latest Bill and Julian Tardo, and the trio have created a unique sound, reminiscent of the timeless quality of spaghetti westerns with hip hop prouction and heartfelt country lyrics.

Find out more about one of Brighton’s hidden gems, the music of Eminemmylou, Latest Bill and Julian Tardo

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