Come to Life

‘Expect great things’: Review – ‘Come To Life’, Shady Baby

- 7 July 2022

Despite having only released one record, it doesn’t feel rash to say that you can...


‘A nice radio friendly song about hating your offspring’: Review –‘Kids’, KEG

- 27 June 2022

Overflowing crashing percussion, blaring trumpets and flippant lyrics, indie-art-punk seven piece KEG has certainly come...

Belle and Sebastian

‘A confident expertise that immediately scoops you into safe hands’ – Review: Belle and Sebastian – ‘A Bit of Previous’

- 20 June 2022

Mention Glasgow Indie Pop band Belle and Sebastian to anyone and you’re quickly faced with...

Hutch live

‘Undoubtedly silly and unquestionably fresh’– Hutch, ‘Radiator Centre’

- 13 June 2022

Bouncing straight out of Brighton’s DIY music scene last month, five piece ‘twang pop post-yacht-rock...

The Greenskeepers

‘I’m still a lost soul, reppin’ Brighton to the Core’ – The Greenkeepers’ ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’

- 3 June 2022

The Greenkeepers are under no illusions about the power of rap. As Hp spits in...

Marbles, Lime Garden

Marbles, Lime Garden

- 26 May 2022

You would be forgiven for thinking that you were late to the enormous house party...

Music video of Nancy

In ‘The Seven Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good Blues’ Nancy spits in the face of normality – Album review

- 19 May 2022

Standing at a staggering seven foot tall with a penchant for sewing and David Bowie,...

Fickle Friends

‘Pretty Great’, Fickle Friends

- 13 May 2022

‘Are We Gonna Be Alright?’ is both the name of and the question asked by...

‘Born Confused’, Porridge Radio

- 3 May 2022

Porridge Radio started making waves from Brighton beach in 2015, and most recently have surfed...

The Scarlet Street Resistance

An Investigation of ‘Sex, guns and fast cars/women’ – The Scarlet Street Resistance

- 19 April 2022

Who were the Scarlet Street Resistance? And more importantly, where did they go? ‘Sex, guns,...

Howl album art

Yumi and the weather – ‘Howl’

- 8 April 2022

Last time we saw Brighton’s alt-pop artist Yumi and the Weather, she was raising hair...

Photo Credit - Sequoia Ziff

‘Those beautiful sad quiet moments’ – ‘Memorial’, album review

- 4 April 2022

Listening to folk-pop duo Memorial’s self-titled debut album is like peering into a diorama. The...