‘Born Confused’, Porridge Radio

- 3 May 2022

Porridge Radio started making waves from Brighton beach in 2015, and most recently have surfed...

The Scarlet Street Resistance

An Investigation of ‘Sex, guns and fast cars/women’ – The Scarlet Street Resistance

- 19 April 2022

Who were the Scarlet Street Resistance? And more importantly, where did they go? ‘Sex, guns,...

Howl album art

Yumi and the weather – ‘Howl’

- 8 April 2022

Last time we saw Brighton’s alt-pop artist Yumi and the Weather, she was raising hair...

Photo Credit - Sequoia Ziff

‘Those beautiful sad quiet moments’ – ‘Memorial’, album review

- 4 April 2022

Listening to folk-pop duo Memorial’s self-titled debut album is like peering into a diorama. The...

Bess Atwell, by Sequoia Ziff

Bess Atwell, ‘Co-op’

- 31 March 2022

Bess Atwell’s 2021 album ‘Already, Always’ packs the softest punch. Appearing on the horizon in...

Ben Solomon's In a Torrington Haze

In a Torrington Haze – Reflecting on Ben Solomon’s stand out album

- 25 March 2022

Ben Solomon’s 2003 album ‘Torrington Haze’ is, in some ways, aptly named. It evokes the...


Dripping in syrup and blood: LibraLibra, ‘Candy Mountain’

- 18 March 2022

‘Candy Mountain’ is the newest release of Glam-art-pop band LibraLibra, and thunders though your eardrums...

Local Musician Tim Izzard talks to the camera on brighton seafront

50 years of Glam Rock with Tim Izzard

- 24 February 2022

Tim Izzard talks to Latest TV about his new EP celebrating 50 years of Glam...

BREMF - 2021


- 28 September 2021

BREMF is back this October with five top-quality events that sum up the essence of...

Young Apollo

Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra – Young Apollo – Joanna MacGregor (piano-conductor), Thomas Gould (leader)

- 27 September 2021

A change of Music Director brings fresh talent, different experiences, distinct style; now add the...

Max Mezzowave and his Lockdown Dance Tune!

- 13 August 2021

Latest TV Presenter, Yael Breuer, speaks to music artist, Max Mezzowave, and we get to...

Latest TV Speaks to Woody Cook about his new Record Label!

- 29 July 2021

Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker, speaks to Woody Cook about his new record label...