Andrew Kay


AK Soufflé: Quadruple entendre

- 20 February 2017

Anyone who is watching my new TV show, AK Soufflé, and if not why not,...


AK Soufflé: Camp? Moi?

- 13 February 2017

I am sure I am not alone in this, but until a weekend ago I...


AK Soufflé: Off to the Palace

- 30 January 2017

What a week! No let me say that again. What a week!!! I’m seldom profligate...


AK Soufflé: La La La

- 23 January 2017

Is there a soundtrack to your life? You know, a selection of songs and tunes...

Festival! 16

Festival! 16

- 26 May 2012

In Festival ! 16 Lynn Ruth Miller, who came to Brighton for a weekend gig...

Festival! 11

Festival! 11

- 17 May 2012

Oscar Wilde, Brighton. Can there be anywhere more suitable to perform Dorian Gray and The...