Bill Smith


At The Latest, we don’t talk diversity, we do diversity

- 2 October 2017

We have a saying at The Latest – we don’t talk diversity, we do diversity...


Latest Bill: Dear Property Professionals…

- 8 May 2017

Purplebricks have got almost 4% of the market in Brighton & Hove (source: Zoopla), and...


Latest Bill: Revitalising the Arches east of the Pier

- 2 May 2017

A few weeks ago I reprinted my article from a few years back complaining about...


Latest Bill: Talking about Brighton also means festivals

- 24 April 2017

You might have noticed that that’s not me (Bill) in the column photograph again! Clearly...


Latest Bill: New generation, new life, new world

- 18 April 2017

Brighton is a fabulous world class cosmopolitan city and we have so many visitors from...


Latest Bill: Let’s put Kemp Town on the signs

- 10 April 2017

Madeira Terraces currently look derelict. I think this is symbolic however, of the powers that...


Latest Bill: A pat on the back to Brighton!

- 3 April 2017

I listened to Warren Morgan’s impassioned speech that Brighton is and always will be a...


Latest Bill: Remembering Shana Grice

- 27 March 2017

Brighton is a city that is always alive: you can feel life happening. Energy surges...


Latest Bill: A visionary community

- 20 March 2017

A Muslim, a Jew, a transgender woman and a Scot walked into a bar. And...


Latest Bill: The value of combining local and global

- 13 March 2017

A few months ago I directed a film for BBC – with Latest TV –...


Latest Bill: Riveting drama in a new theatre

- 6 March 2017

There’s so much in Brighton to do that even after many years I can always...


Latest Bill: The plus side of Doris Day

- 27 February 2017

My sister was in Aldi putting her trolley away in the midst of the storm...