Latest Bill: Dear Property Professionals…


Purplebricks have got almost 4% of the market in Brighton & Hove (source: Zoopla), and 83% instruction growth in the UK (read more on page 18). Their unashamed aim is to replace LOCAL property agents with one global brand – theirs!

And just as the local taxi companies are fighting Uber, and the local hospitality market is fighting Airbnb, the local property industry is fighting back. But we need to do more.

Agents obviously have to work as hard as possible to build on the trust that people do have in local agents and the residents of Brighton & Hove have been placing that trust in agents to sell or rent their homes for over 100 years! Latest Homes continues to back local agents, and will always do because we believe in this city.

So… agents need the public to know their names and to trust their names. If we are to counter globalisation we have to come together… localisation.

Purplebricks’ unashamed aim is to replace local property agents

That means LOCAL people need to know the names of trusted LOCAL agents and they need to know your company name before anyone looks at any property portal or online agent.

We will spearhead this campaign for you.

Latest Homes is not just a magazine anymore. It is print, online, TV, social media and is both local and national.

Advertise your company name in Latest Homes magazine, Brighton’s most popular magazine with 100,000 readers in print and online and enjoy the following benefits:
FREE: Your company name on all our social media platforms, 65,000 followers
FREE: Your company name and your listings on, the free portal for all Brighton & Sussex agents. We are challenging Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket
FREE: Your company name on local TV channels across the whole of the UK
The next step is to contact us to be part of this campaign – vendors and landlords need to know your name, not “you know who” from outside our city.

Latest Homes has the means and determination to get your company names known to hundreds of thousands of readers, online visitors, social media users and television viewers across both Brighton and the rest of the UK.

We want to hear from you.

Kind regards,
Bill Smith, CEO Latest Homes
Lesley Lawrence, Head of Sales & Marketing

@latestbrighton @latestbill

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