Bill Smith


Latest Bill: So much that unites us

- 20 February 2017

I went to a good school and university but I realised this week how poor...


Latest Bill: The Queen watches Latest TV: fake news or real?

- 13 February 2017

Thank you all so much for the cards. Should be called Bill’s Day. Who is...


Latest Bill: In praise of mad inventors

- 6 February 2017

Brighton has a history of three iconic piers: the Chain Pier (1823 – 1896), the...


Latest Bill: Culture Minister acknowledges Local TV achievements

- 30 January 2017

This week I and members from the Latest were invited to parliament as the DCMS...


Latest Bill: On a great documentary artist

- 23 January 2017

Arnold Daghani: When we were rounded up for deportation the guard noticed my paintbrushes. “Take...


A word from Bill Smith, MD of Latest Homes

- 16 January 2017

Globalisation has become a fact of life, and many local businesses and residents are becoming...

Festival! 18 Gran Finale or Best Of Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe. Award Winners Special

Festival! 18 Gran Finale or Best Of Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe. Award Winners Special

- 15 June 2012

Festival! 18 or Gran Finale. Well our main man director William Ranieri is Italian and...

The Vote: Episode 4

The Vote: Episode 4

- 11 June 2012

Brighton and Hove will soon have its own terrestrial TV channel and democracy, localism and political...

Festival! 17

Festival! 17

- 30 May 2012

In Festival! 17 Lynn Ruth Miller and Brighton Fringe director Julian Caddy add to their...

Festival! 13

Festival! 13

- 21 May 2012

Charismatic performer, RSC and National Theatre director, thought provoking novelist and Brighton resident, Neil Bartlett...

Festival! 12

Festival! 12

- 18 May 2012

In Festival 12 I confidently predict that your – that is the Brighton public –...

Festival! 11

Festival! 11

- 17 May 2012

Oscar Wilde, Brighton. Can there be anywhere more suitable to perform Dorian Gray and The...