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Wave world: win a haramaki bodywarmer from NukuNuku

- January 25, 2012

Sustainable Style Event
There are times when we all feel a little (or a lot) guilty about how many clothes we own and rarely wear. A solution to this problem for both your conscious and your wardrobe is Cascade. This company is all about sustainable style and promises to help you make more of what you already have in your wardrobe.

Events are held in which you can meet interesting new people, take part in creative workshops, get advice from fashion experts and you even leave the event with a handcrafted piece of jewellery or a customised/ embellished garment. Browse and buy from a selection of unique handmade clothes, jewellery and accessories while you learn how to restore, revive and remake your wardrobe.

Cascade launch event in Brighton:Thursday 26 January.
Varied ticket options: £45.
For private group events call 07799 071 919.

Win ‘Haramakis’ from Nuku Nuku
Haramakis from Hove-based company NukuNuku are an innovative and stylish creation. NukuNuku means warm and cosy in Japanese and Haramaki translates into bellywrap – a band of material wrapped around your middle. Also called ‘waist warmers’ and ‘belly bands’, these body warmers have been worn for centuries in Japan. They’re great for when you’re playing sports such as yoga and cycling; they can also benefit pregnant and breast-feeding mums; those who feel the cold, and those wanting to banish back fat and muffin tops from sight!

We have three Haramakis from NukuNuku to give away. State your size and preferred colour (see their website) when entering!

Q. What does NukuNuku mean in Japanese?

Email competitions@thelatest with ‘NukuNuku’ in the subject box and your answer to the question in the body of the email. Alternatively, write to us at the address at the front of the magazine. Closing date for entries: 13 February 2012.

Personalised health & wellbeing coaching
If you don’t have the time to join the gym then why not get your very own personalised health and wellbeing coach for less than 50p a week!? That is exactly what Fitbug is offering to new clients.

Fitbug provides tailored coaching to each client through a little device called a ‘bug’ which calculates steps taken, calories burned and distance covered throughout the day. At the end of the day, plug the Bug into your PC and it talks to, providing details on how you’re getting on! A personalised diet, wellbeing and general health plan is also provided.
Special offer: £49.99 for two years’ membership (usual price £79.99 for 12 months’ membership).

Life-changing Workshops
Women who feel they are stuck in a rut are being urged to attend a life-changing workshop in Brighton
by one of the UK’s leading life coaches. Claire Chidley, teacher, trainer and author of 360º Wisdom: A guide to Discovering You, is providing the workshop in a bid to help women make the changes they need to become happier and less weighed down by the stresses and strains of everyday life.
During the workshop there will be group games and exercises. It promises to help restore balance, so rather than being swept along by life, women can enjoy it.
Tickets for the all day workshop, held at The Old Courtroom in Hove on Sunday 4 March, cost £50/£40 and can be purchased via:

Starting Over
Suzy Miller’s Starting Over Show has been successful in supporting individuals following a breakdown in a relationship. Workshops and exhibitors offering advice and holistic and wellbeing support to people through their big life changes. If you feel you would benefit from The Starting Over Show, contact Suzy Miller on 07525 059 634 about future events here in Sussex or visit

Words:?Bethany-Lea Hinchcliffe

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