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- March 31, 2015

Your monthly health, beauty and wellbeing insert – spring clean your health!

Hold tight, it’s on its way – sunny skies, t-shirt weather, dips in the sea that won’t give you frostbite … we can’t wait. And what better time to have a bit of a spring clean of your general wellbeing?
We’ve three tips for keeping tabs on your body and mind and making sure you’re in tip-top condition for the approaching sunny months:
1. Start meditating – set aside just five minutes a day to sit quietly and concentrate on your breathing. A moment of mindfulness will carry you through the rest of the day with renewed energy and perspective.

2. De-stress – make sure the inevitable stresses of the day are vented in a healthy way. Take a stroll in the sunshine on your lunch break, join an exercise class, or take a dog for a walk (yours, a friend’s … there’ll be no shortage of enthusiastic takers!).

3. Nourish your brain – visit an art gallery, read a book you’d never normally read, or listen to the radio in a foreign language. Keep your neural networks firing and growing.

There’s no need to overwhelm yourself with change; just a few adjustments to your day will reap benefits that will last. Put a spring in your step!

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