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Yak Yak Yak: A busy month

- June 7, 2016

Phew, well that’s May out of the way for another year. Not that I am complaining, well not much. I love the month, love the Brighton Festival and all the opportunities that it brings to see incredible arts and entertainment from around the world as well as from our enormously talented local creative image1(7)population. I also love the work that I do with the Brighton & Hove Food & Drink Festival. Ten days of great food and great fun, what is not to like, apart from my rapidly expanding waist measurement.
And all this comes on top of my regular activity, the columns here in The Latest and my very pleasant time on Latest TV hosting Latest Homes Live, I Want To Live Here. That really is proving to be great fun and a big thank you to those viewers who have come up to me in the street to say how much they are enjoying the show.
I think I am becoming addicted to having an audience too, those of you who watch me on TV, not only the property show but my two food programmes and my occasional appearances on the news. I love hosting our food events at the festival, presenting the amazing cooking that local chefs produce from the kitchens of the city’s much feted culinary scene. I love popping into the BBC too, to chat food and drink with guests on Alison Fearns’ excellent show, that really is fun.
Most of all though I like being in the marquee on Hove Lawns where for two days I have the honour of sharing the stage with some extraordinary culinary talents and presenting them to an audience of food lovers, a big thank you to all of those chefs for coming along and taking the time and trouble to demonstrate their skills. My biggest thank you goes to a young lady, Miranda, who for the last few years has sat in the front row and always brings me cakes that she has made herself! Thank you all for making my life such fun. Time to put my feet up now.

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