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AK Soufflé: La La La

- January 23, 2017


Is there a soundtrack to your life? You know, a selection of songs and tunes that are a perfect fit. I have always loved listening to the BBC Radio programme Desert Island Discs, but how often do you get the impression that the guests are choosing music that they think makes them look like a more impressive human being? All too often I think. I was a guest on a similarly formatted Radio Sussex show a few years back and tried my hardest to choose the music that really does mean something to me. My word, what a rag bag of tunes that turned out to be, from the very serious to the very silly. I must have come across as being slightly crazy – not that it bothers me, I have traded on being slightly crazy for some time now and it works fairly well. Well it does for me and no doubt you will see that on my new Latest LGBT+ TV chat show.

I went along to the cinema recently to catch a preview of La La Land. It is being billed as a five star triumph, the feel good movie of the year. The last time I fell for the line “Feel Good Movie of the Year” was in the marketing for Slum Dog Millionaire. I was so shocked to see so much misery and violence and an opening sequence that ended up with a small boy falling into a cess pit, that I did not feel even remotely good.

They’re no Fred & Ginge

Lala Land is rather jolly and opens with an amazing cut-free camera shot that is seriously impressive and made me believe that the Hollywood musical might indeed be back. In many ways it is and there are great set pieces, a fairly decent love story and a very likable couple of leads who can just about hold a tune in that paper bag and dance a bit too. But when I say dance a bit I do mean a bit, they’re no Fred and Ginge, not by a long chalk. When it comes to dance I found Ed Balls more entertaining!

As for the tunes, well they’re okay, but I didn’t come away singing them, far from it. I came away trying to remember one decent tune and one memorable lyric. How I wish there had been a Stephen Sondheim, a Jule Styne or a Cole Porter on hand when they put this together.

If this seems harsh then I apologise. I did for the most part enjoy the film, it’s well made and has some really great moments, just no great songs whatsoever. I am an unashamedly gay man who falls happily into the stereotype of loving a good musical and whilst the film is okay it does not stand up against the greats. I know everyone is raving about it, sorry I just can’t join in.

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