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Green Party picks candidate for East Brighton by-election

- December 20, 2017

The Greens have chosen their candidate to contest the by-election in East Brighton which is expected to be called in the next few weeks.

Councillor Lloyd Russell-Moyle announced earlier this month that he intends to step down from Brighton & Hove City Council shortly after Christmas or early in the New Year.

Mr Russell-Moyle was elected as a Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown at the general election in June.

The by-election is likely to be held on either Thursday 1 February or Thursday 8 February.

The Green Party have chosen Ed Baker as its candidate for the upcoming East Brighton by-election. Mr Baker, who lives in the ward, works in digital marketing. He is also a musician and active in the community on behalf of local organisations.

In a statement Ed Baker said: “I’ve always been passionate about making a difference whether that’s through volunteering for the Kemp Town Carnival or running the Brighton Marathon for Allsorts Youth Project who support our LGBTU young people.

“Now, as I see food banks appearing across Brighton and Hove and the number of rough sleepers doubling in a year, I feel it’s time to step up for my local community.”

He added: “Only the Green Party is really taking the fight to the other political parties on the council which are both wedded to cuts and austerity.

“Not enough is being done by the Labour-run council to make our beautiful city more hopeful, ambitious and truly equal.

“As a local resident myself, if elected as a councillor, I will work tirelessly for local people and put them first.”

By Clare Calder

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