Khalil: An easier and more affordable way for students to rent

Tenant Reward Scheme for Students

It’s never easy renting out a property as a student. For many people it’s the first time they’ve lived away from home and had to manage bills. And, of course, responsibility for these will usually be spread across all who live in the house.

Finding the available funds for deposits – which can be as much as six weeks’ rent – is a real challenge for many. But, on top of this, there’s Student Referencing fees to find the cash for.

Other problems can easily arise among the group of friends living together. I’m sure anyone who has been a student can remember the dreaded – and often ignored – rota for cleaning?

We love students
At Khalil’s we have been renting out property to Brighton students for more than two decades. We understand the problems they face – and we are determined to offer them an easier and more affordable way to rent.

That’s why we’ve introduced our Tenant Reward Scheme for Students.

The scheme offers a way to pay less money upfront, receive more services and to make sharing bills for utilities so much simpler.

This means that you can concentrate on what you came to Brighton for: to study and to enjoy your time in this city.

Khalil’s Tenant Reward Scheme for Students
Did you know that 14% of Brightonians are students? We have one of the highest concentrations of students anywhere.

And, at Khalil’s, we’d like to make all their lives easier.

We hear time and time again that one of the main headaches can be transferring over all the utilities at the start of the tenancy – and then making sure that everyone in the property pays their share throughout.

Solution: All utilities and services are included in your rent.

So that’s the gas, electricity and broadband all taken care of for you.

We are also told that disagreements can occur over cleaning rotas and maintaining the garden or outside space.

Solution: We provide a fortnightly clean and seasonal gardening services.

At the end of your tenancy we also ensure there is a thorough clean of the property and its carpets: it’s all part of what you get when you join our reward scheme.

Most rental agreements demand a lot of money upfront: for many students this can be incredibly hard to find.

Solution: We can usually waive the need for a deposit if you join – and we will never charge you Student Referencing fees.

It’s just one of the ways we ensure your rental accommodation of choice is affordable for you.

An easier way for students to rent

It certainly is never easy renting out property as a student.

But we hope we can make it a lot easier for you with our Tenant Reward Scheme for Students.

Come and chat to us to find out more.

Phone: 01273 573960 Mobile: 07984 015669
Address: 124 Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 3LG

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