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Dines Out: Kogi

- September 3, 2018

dines out

When you spend your life eating, well rather a lot of your life, and you are constantly searching for something new, there comes a point when you start to think that you have tried the lot. Of course that is far from true as there are so many cuisines that I remain unfamiliar with and one that I feel guilty of not trying – Korean. Oh, I’ve had their ubiquitous fried chicken of course but little else.

So when Ms McD invited Dr W and I to join her at Kogi I leapt at the chance. She had already been with a niece, who speaks Korean and has visited the country, so she had a head start. I pondered the menu with eyes bulging, there’s little comparison to the western idea of three courses and little that I recognised – until I spotted the grilled dumplings. So I ordered some of them and we all chose a dish each and an extra portion of the fried chicken.

The dumplings were sublime, truly delicious and full of flavour and I will be back for them pretty soon. And my companions agreed.

dines out

Dr W chose a stir fried dish of squid which was fascinating, I grabbed a bite and the squid was very tender and the sauce very spicy. I chose a minced short rib patty with rice cakes and on-the-dish rice. It was a strangely delicious burger-like thing on a bed of salad, sweet and savoury at the same time, and set into the tender beef were three of the rice cakes. Now I have had rice cakes in many forms but never like this. They are oddly chewy sausage shaped things, delicately flavoured and very alien. I liked them, but I can imaging why people might not.

Ms McD actually loved them and chose a dish of them stewed in a golden brown sauce with slices of oriental fish cake. Now that really was a delight, and the accompanying dishes of pickled bean sprouts and kimchi were brilliant.

dines out

Of course we had some fried chicken and it was good and generous but uneventful. Our mistake, I fear, for not choosing a spicier version that was offered.

Dr W had white wine, but Ms McD and I had Korean beers which were very nice indeed.

I will certainly be back, and next time perhaps be more adventurous.

Kogi, 30 York Place Brighton BN1 4GU
01273 682752

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