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Bottoms Up!

- January 7, 2019

Participants in The Brighton Bike Ride were offered a free ride up the i360 in June and Nick Sayers (Naked Bike Organiser) was being served by NigelSwallow (the calendar curator) in Waikikamookau as he organised the event from his laptop. Nigel asked Nick if he could pop along to take a shot of participants up the pod. The result went on the back side of this years calendar. That’s event organiser Nick Sayers with the wry grin and silver cycle helmet on. Nigel Swallow says “the event was a lot of fun with great friendly vibes and plenty of smiles – obviously this is the calendar friendly version of the shots taken” but it clearly fits in with the calendar ethos; Creativity Diversity Community Nick Sayers said “I was thrilled that Brighton Naked Bike Ride participants were treated to a clothes-free flight in the city’s iconic British Airways i360 in June, and we were proud to appear as the back side of the Brighton & Hove

Participant Yvo Luna said “The first time I went on the i360, it took my breath away. The next time it took my clothes too. Yes, it’s that good. Though I’m a little apprehensive about what might happen next time”and Tristan Roddis said “One of the most fantastically surreal experiences of my life.” Hannah Doherty added “I’ve never done a naked event before but I really enjoyed the flight and felt it promoted body positivity. The photos have given me a fresh look at my own body and have helped me to see myself as I actually am. My friends and I all felt better about ourselves afterwards.”

The Naked Bike Ride’s mission is:
* To celebrate cycling and the human body
* To protest against oil dependency and car culture
* To demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists
* To have an incredibly fun time!

Brighton Naked Bike Ride
Next event June 9th 2019 TBC

Copies available from brightoncalendar.com

Nigel Swallow

Kevin Meredth

Paul Goodwin

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