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Classic Films on Latest TV

- March 31, 2020

Feeling isolated? Never fear, Latest TV has a fresh crop of classic cinema to see you through the day & night

classic films on latest tv


Captain Scarlett is a 1953 American Technicolor Adventure film directed by Thomas Carr, that was shot in Mexico. The film is set in France following the fall of Napoleon, stars Richard Greene in the title role as a Robin Hood-type avenger and the Brazilian actress Leonora Amar in her final screen role.
Of course those of us of a certain age will better remember Richard Green as Robin Hood in the famous and much loved 1960s TV series.


Hyde Park Corner is a 1935 British comedy crime film, directed by Sinclair Hill and starring Gordon Harker, Binnie Hale and Eric Portman. Harker portrays a policeman investigating a crime in 1930s London, which proves to have its origins in the 1780s. The film takes its name from Hyde Park Corner in Central London where the events are set. It was based on a play by Walter C. Hackett and was made at Welwyn Studios.

So what happens? In the 1780s, after an evening of illegal gambling, two of the participants fight a duel in which the wronged party is killed by a villain, who has just cheated to win a newly built house at Hyde Park Corner from him. Officer Cheatle of the Bow Street Runners is able to arrest those present for gambling, but is unable to prove that a murder has occurred.

A hundred and fifty years later, the Officer’s great-grandson, Constable Cheatle, is intrigued by reports of another murder at the same house at Hyde Park Corner. Cheatle sees this as a way of fulfilling his ambition to join the plainclothes detective branch. His attempts to solve the case are initially interrupted by Sophie, a petty criminal whom he arrests while she is shoplifting in a department store. Eventually, with her help, he is able to uncover the true culprit of the crime that has its roots in the fatal evening in the eighteenth century.

stock carSTOCK CAR

Stock Car is a 1955 British crime drama film directed by Wolf Rilla and starring Paul Carpenter, Rona Anderson, and Susan Shaw.
When her father dies during a stock car race, Katie Glebe (Rona Anderson) takes over the running of his garage, helped by American driver Larry Duke (Paul Carpenter). Katie struggles to fend off creditors, including the unscrupulous Turk McNeil (Paul Whitsun-Jones), who seeks to repossess her property. Further dramas ensue when Turk’s girlfriend Gina (Susan Shaw) shows an interest in Larry. Now wouldn’t you just kow that a character named Turk would be unscrupulous, so un PC, but very much of its time.


Comedy centred on the adulterous Mrs Griffiths’ corset in which, unbeknown to her, a fortune has been stashed by her husband, drunken, money-loving Griffiths the Hearse. A morality tale of adultery and underwear!
Directed by Montgomery Tully and written by Jack Dawe it stars Esmond Knight, Maudie Edwards and Meredith Edwards in a period piece that very much typifies the time.


I’ll Walk Beside You is a 1943 British drama film directed by Maclean Rogers and starring Richard Bird, Lesley Brook and Percy Marmont. It takes its name from the song “I’ll Walk Beside You” by Alan Murray and Edward Lockton which is played over the opening credits and used as a refrain throughout.
A sailor falls in love with a woman he meets in a music shop, before they are parted by war and he loses his memory in battle. However, after the pair meet again by coincidence he starts to recover his memory with the help of an old tune. Ah sweet!


No, not the early British TV series that gave rise to a whole genre. Here a new registrar, with a revolutionary heart lung machine he has bought from America, joins a small county hospital, and has to win over his colleagues, including the senior house surgeon.

Directed by Robert Day, scripted by Tessa Diamond and Hazel Adair and starring Christopher Witty, Rupert Davies and Dorothy Alison.


Steel Key is a 1953 British thriller film directed by Robert S. Baker and starring Terence Morgan, Joan Rice and Raymond Lovell.

Adventurer Johnny O’Flynn (Terence Morgan) attempts to track down thieves who have stolen a secret military formula for producing hardened steel, but ruthless others who will stop at nothing are also on the trail.


Port of Escape is a 1956 British thriller film directed by Tony Young and starring Googie Withers, John McCallum, Bill Kerr and Joan Hickson a clutch of big names from British TV and cinema.

Two sailors, one Australian and one American, are kicked off their ship when it docks in London and are involved in a fight outside a dockside bar leading to a man’s death. They go on the run and hide on a barge that belongs to three women. The two men plan to travel to Missouri, the home state of the American, but not all goes to plan.

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