The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments were bound to come up with something interesting and this presentation is wonderful. In easy stages Clare Salaman (director) with Reiko Ichise (trumpet marine), Jean Kelly (trumpet marine, harp) and Sam Stadlen (trumpet marine, viol) carefully resurrect for a modern audience the extraordinary sound world of this strange instrument. The trumpet marine’s mysterious sound is something like a cross between a sackbut, a hurdy-gurdy and a musical saw. The four part consort is like a band of natural trumpets or horns that have no valves to make up the conventional scales but rely on harmonics and the players’ exceptional skill.

Trumpet MarineThe Baroque works in this programme are a fascinating delight but alas I haven’t yet managed to enjoy Liam Connery’s improvised work for the instrument. Perhaps it’s more of an experiment than a performance.

This event is available for you to hear it for yourself on YouTube until next Friday.

30 October 2020


Andrew Connal

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