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PIERFEST: Joni Mitchell and Carole King played by The Brighton Beach Boys

- July 1, 2021

I’ve only been alive for twenty of the fifty years that have passed since Joni Mitchell released her critically acclaimed album Blue. Some might say that’s too few to appreciate her lyrics of trauma, love and loss. I would disagree.

Mitchell’s emotional intensity and lilting musical arrangements pierce the heart of any listener regardless of age or decade – something that’s only grown more evident as Blue undergoes its fiftieth anniversary. The same can be said of Carole King’s Tapestry, also turning fifty this year. While her lyricism is less cryptic than Mitchel’s (trade ‘Everybody’s saying Hell’s the hippest way to go’ for ‘You’re so far away’) they share undeniable emotional insight.

The award-winning The Brighton Beach Boys are adorned by the silvery voice of Lisa Abbot to recapture their magic for Pierfest on the 17th of July. Travelling fifty years back in time to celebrate the music of the Beatles, Bowie, Hendrix, Stones and the Who on July 16th, Brighton Palace Pier rewinds the clock back to 1971 to indulge in the immortal albums of both Mitchell and King.

The Brighton Beachboys, who have worked with the likes of Oasis, Des’ree, Stomp and the Royal Shakespeare company are no stranger to deftly executing intricate arrangements.

Guided by the musical expertise of the band, sit back and immerse yourself in the lyrics of ‘Natural Woman’, ‘A Case of You’ and ‘Little Green’-  the only way you’ll be left feeling Blue is if you don’t snap up tickets in time.

The Brighton Beach Boys play Tapestry and Blue

Brighton Palace Pier

17th July 8pm

For tickets:


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