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the pilgrim hotel Paddington

Andrew Kay Dines – The Pilgrm, Cool even in the Heat!

- 21 August 2019

No matter how much we citizens by the sea love our city of Brighton and...

the wardrobe

Andrew Kay Dines – Old Ship Ahoy!

- 7 August 2019

THE WARDROOM The first time I ate at The Old Ship it was all silver...

merry xmas

Seasoned Greetings! By Andrew Kay’s Dines Out

- 21 December 2018

Christmas is coming And I am getting fat So please don’t put a panini in...


Dines Out: Aloha Rotterdam

- 1 October 2018

I’m staying with my mood of reflecting on the work of the Brighton & Hove...

dines out

Dines Out: The Spice Circuit

- 24 September 2018

One of the finest things that happens in the city’s gastronomic world is the sense...


Dines Out: Pommery at Blanch House

- 17 September 2018

What’s not to love about fine champagne? So when offered a seat at a diner...

dines out

Dines Out: Kogi

- 3 September 2018

When you spend your life eating, well rather a lot of your life, and you...


Dines Out: Etch

- 27 August 2018

The city has never had so many restaurants serving fine food, and I use the...

dines out 1

Dines Out: Carluccio’s

- 20 August 2018

There are times when reliability is the name of the game. Days when I want...


Dines Out: The Independent

- 13 August 2018

Phew, it’s been a scorcher and nothing brings us out of the house and dining...


Dines In: Hot tips

- 6 August 2018

In the recent heatwave the idea of going out to dine could not be further...

Dines Out: Brighton Cocktail Week

- 16 July 2018

Building on the success of last year and the definite prominence of the city as...