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Inspiring ideas from Beyond Beauty, Paris

With autumn in the air, clients have been visiting the Spa for skin-hydrating facials and anti-ageing massages to repair any sun damage. Others have been trying out our chakra-based treatments designed to nourish and balance the energy centres of the body.

This eagerness to prepare ourselves for the new season prompted the EcoSpa to look at what’s au courant in organic cosmetics, treatments and spa accessories. And so I’ve been off to Paris and its vast ‘Beyond Beauty’ exhibition to seek out new ideas and inspiration.

And new ideas there were a-plenty from all over the world: light-up tweezers, swish nail-free wooden bath tubs, portable pure-air domes, spangling crystal elixirs, organic cotton kimonos in weird and wonderful hues…

Thinking organically

Such temptations (and I do tend to ‘think big’) but I tried to keep to my wish list of organic products that might add to the ranges currently offered at Uniquely Organic EcoSpa, such as a range of men’s toiletries, a pregnancy range and ethical Christmas gifts.

At Uniquely Organic we only use products that are certified organic so people can really trust them to be pure, and I was impressed to note that many more manufacturers are now undertaking this rigorous certification process. However, we’re not aspiring to be an eco-supermarket of organic products so have to be selective about what we think will suit our clientele!

One company I love is Corsican and I am as passionate about their products as we are about ours. They harness the abundant flora (such as the much-lauded Helichrysum) of their native country to produce roll-on skin treatments and medical quick-fixes in little ‘City’ and ‘Week’ boxes, each containing three phials.

Something extraordinary

There were some extraordinary treatments being demonstrated too. I personally experienced the Japanese ‘Seifu’ skin pulling treatment reputed to be good for both beauty and wellbeing and watched in awe at others, one involving an enormous, swinging hammock-like couch.

One thing you can be sure of, there is always something new at the EcoSpa and I have come back buzzing with ideas for the new season. Come in and try out a treatment soon and bear us in mind for extra special gifts for your loved ones.

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