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Latest Dining Deals

- March 2, 2012

Andrew Kay is very excited about the launch of our fabulous new online dining offers

This is the age of the deal, from the ubiquitous ‘bogof’ to the coupon wielders, we are all looking for a bargain. So here at Latest 7 we are thrilled to announce the launch of Latest Dining Deals, an online system that offers brilliant bargains at some of the city’s best restaurants and is also easy to use.
And it’s cheap too, with a booking fee of £5 for tables of two and three and £10 for tables of four and over. That means, in real money, that it will cost around £2.50 a head. Weigh that against a 50 per cent discount on your food bill or a 33 per cent discount on your food and drink bill and it has to be worthwhile!

Easy to use

Latest Dining Deals could not be more simple to use! Click here or on the Latest Dining Deals button on the homepage. This will take you directly to a page of restaurants offering deals on that day. It also gives you the option of seeing what deals are available on future dates.
Each restaurant’s offer will give you the details and the nature of that deal, which is often a fantastic 50 per cent off your food, but be sure to check those details.
Once you’ve made a choice, select a sitting date and time and the number of people in your party. Then enter your reservation name and mobile number. It’s quick and easy!
You will then be automatically sent your SMS confirmation voucher, and the booking fee, a charge of £5 for tables of two and three people, and a £10 booking for tables of four and over, will be made to your mobile phone account.
After that, simply take your mobile – with the SMS voucher on it (no need for a printed voucher) with you to the restaurant and enjoy your real time deal.

The appropriate discount will be applied to your bill at the end of your meal – no vouchers and no hassles.

A massive menu
A great list of local restaurants have already signed up to Latest Dining Deals and we are sure that many more will join so always check back for the latest offers. There will be new deals all the time and you can sign up to have the hottest dinner and lunch deals in town sent directly to your inbox as soon as they are available. That way, you can be at the head of the list to take advantage.
The offers are given on a first come first served basis so you really do need to go the website and plan ahead. To get there easily, scan the QR code on this page. I have never taken to the idea of vouchers and coupons, but I love Latest Dining Deals. It offers brilliant opportunities but seems just that bit more discreet and sophisticated – more Latest, shall we say!
We love Latest Dining Deals and we know that you will love it too. Bon appetit and enjoy our delicious deals.

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  1. Help – don’t do SMS – is there the opportunity to have a code we could quote or a voucher? Thanks x

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